1. General

  2. This website is operated by Pepper & Joy (“we” or “us”), referred to hereafter as ‘P&J.’
  3. All services provided by this website may only be used in accordance with the terms and conditions provided below. By using P&J’s services you agree to be bound by our terms & conditions.
  4. P&J reserves the right to make modifications and changes to these terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice. Up to date terms and conditions will always be available at www.pepperandjoy.com
  5. The placing of an order with P&J creates a contract on the basis of the terms and conditions.
  6. With the exception of specific details of any individual order (for example, size, quantity, and any service-based extras), other terms and conditions proffered by the client are specifically excluded unless agreed to beforehand in writing by P&J or a representative party.
  7. These terms and conditions apply equally to all orders given, irrespective of method. It is the responsibility of the user of our services to be aware of P&J’s terms and conditions.


Your account

  1. In order to open an account with ‘P&J’, users must first complete the registration form provided. Subject to acceptance of registration, and unless the account is terminated, members may use the service freely.
  2. Opening an account with ‘P&J’ is free of charge.
  3. P&J reserves the right to terminate users accounts without notice.
  4. Any requested services incurring a charge will be notified at the time of purchase and such transactions are subject to immediate and authorized payment by credit or debit card.



  1. Payment is accepted using the following: Credit or Debit Card (VISA), Paypal, Visa Electron.
  2. Payment by cheque, postal order or credit facility is not supported by P&J and P&J do not recognize any form of payment not listed above. P&J operates on a cleared funds basis only and will not process any orders for goods or services until payment has been authorized. Furthermore, P&J does not offer credit accounts or the facility to make prepayments on any goods or services offered within.
  3. Should there by any uncertainty regarding the credibility of a submitted payment, P&J reserves the right to suspend the order in question and the offending account may be terminated.
  4. All prices listed are exclusive of Value Added Tax.


Web operations

  1. P&J reserve the right to modify, suspend, or change the format and content of the site (including the products and serviced specified therein) at any time and without prior notice.
  2. P&J will not undertake to store users images after printing so users are strongly advised to keep and maintain back-ups of all materials.


  1.  A user may only consider that their order via the website for goods or services has been accepted upon receipt of written confirmation from TPS and its related agents. This confirmation will be via email or post.
  2. It is at the sole discretion of P&J as to whether an order is accepted and as such P&J are not bound to do so.
  3. The customer will receive a draft its personalized order by email for approval. All orders must be approved by email by the customer in order to go to the printing process.
  4. P&J reserves the right to refrain from dispatching the goods, irrespective of the status of the order. Any refunds or returns of goods and products will be made on an individual basis and as such P&J reserve the right to refund all or part of the payment made by the user.
  5. Cancellations or changes to personalized orders cannot be accepted once you have approved the draft sent via email by P&J. Any personalization work started will not be refundable. In this case, only the production and delivery fees would be refunded.
  6. Should offer codes and promotional codes be published as part of a promotion or should free prints be offered as part of such a promotion, the use of said codes will be subject to additional terms and conditions presented with the offer as well as the terms herein. Offer codes may provide a number of free prints or a discount on part of an order. Offer codes may only be used for online orders placed through P&J and are limited to a maximum of one code or standard rebate per user per order. Postage and packing charges will still apply and will need to be paid by conventional methods at the time of order unless otherwise specified.
  7. We reserve the right to send exhibition invites, special offers & newsletters to account holders email addresses, with an instant unsubscribe option.
  8. P&J will undertake all reasonable measures to reply promptly and satisfactorily to all correspondence received. Such a reply may be by email or post.

Accuracy of size and colour matching

  1. All sizes quotes are nominal and P&J shall accept no liability for minor variations in size.
  2. The Client accepts that colour matching and the preparation of files is subjective, and that totally accurate colour matching to 100% fidelity is rarely possible. However, P&J will endeavor through the development of its colour profiles to achieve the closest possible match within the limitations and constraints of available technologies, materials, and processes used.
  3. Due to the imprecise nature of colour management and the discrepancies which may arise through their use outside of the controlled environment of P&J’s studio, P&J cannot be held responsible for differences in tone, contrast, or any other aspect of an image supplied due to its appearance on screen. The colour management process is designed to minimize and not eliminate tolerances in the reproduction of colour prints.



  1. Unless otherwise agreed by TPS specifically in writing, any time or date specified for the completion of an order and its delivery is an estimate only and whilst every reasonable effort will be taken to achieve a quality of service, TPS will not be held responsible for any damages or losses, direct or indirect, resulting from delays in completion of an order.
  2. Delivery of completed orders will be made on behalf of P&J by Royal Mail, courier company or any other delivery services at the discretion of P&J and its related agents. Charges for postage, packing and delivery will be incurred and payable at the time of order.
  3. P&J shall not be held responsible for any damage to, discrepancies in or shortages of delivered materials unless notified by the client within 48 hours of receipt.
  4. Any claims for damages must be supported by the return of the damaged article which P&J will arrange the collection of. Claims of this nature will be limited to the cost of the order as charged by P&J. No actions will be taken by P&J without receipt of the damaged item.


  1. Users may terminate their account using the link provided. Requests for the termination of accounts may also be made by email or postal request. Further information may be requested by the user in order to verify identity. Any request for account termination will be carried out as soon as is reasonably practicable following receipt of such a request.
  2. P&J reserves the right to terminate any account without notice and at their sole discretion.
  3. Once a users account has been terminated any passwords will no longer enable access to the password protected areas of the site, as detailed above.


Questions and complaints procedure

  1. Any complaints or claims must be notified within 28 (twenty-eight) days of receipt of goods. Where goods are delivered by a third party such as Royal Mail or a courier firm, then the period of 28 days will commence on the estimated delivery date.
  2. Any questions or complaints should be directed via the Contact Us page.

Laws and jurisdiction

These terms (and the provision of goods and services by P&J) are governed by and are to be interpreted in accordance with the French Law. In the event of any dispute arising in relation to these terms or in relation to the provision of any services by P&J, the French courts will have exclusive jurisdiction over such dispute.